Solving the challenges of
ambitious companies with
high calibre part-time
FDs and part-time CFOs

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Access to part-time FDs and part-time CFOs with a wealth
of experience and practical know-how

No matter what stage of growth your company is at, we offer a choice of FDs to help
you drive the business forward. All at a fraction of the cost of a full-time FD.

Talent on tap

iFD offers innovative, knowledgeable and commercially astute FDs who have hands-
on experience of dealing with the financial challenges your business now faces. They
are available as and when you need them; a few days a week, a few days a month or
on a project by project basis.

industry specific expertise

Industry-specific expertise

manage exterrnal stakeholders

Access to specialist knowledge

choose right fd

Choose the right iFD for you

Uniquely, behind our part-time FDs is a team of
50 finance specialists - to support them when and if required.

Fraction of the cost

Hiring a full-time FD or CFO is a big decision; they are an expensive
resource. An iFD provides all the benefits of your own FD without
the cost or commitment.

Going to the next level

When the leadership team needs a Finance Director to provide strategic financial advice and drive the business forward.

Specific financial challenges

When you need quick and cost-effective access to a Finance Director for a specialist project, a financial problem or a growth challenge.

Cover and mentoring

To cover an absence (e.g. maternity leave) or to create flexibility through a job share, or give a guiding hand to a first time FD.

Wealth of experience

You get exactly the skills your business needs at your stage of growth. Our portfolio
of iFDs have specific areas of expertise; whether that’s fundraising, driving growth,
making the cash go further, or preparing a business for exit.



A time when resources are precious. A start-up iFD ensures you build solid financial foundations.



To work at pace requires a dynamic and flexible approach – this can only be delivered by experience.

preparation for exit


An FD with transaction experience is critical and can be a driver in achieving a premium value.

How we work

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First of all, we will understand your specific requirements.

Build a plan

Then we will build a detailed plan to show how iFD can help.

Find the right FD

Finally, we will introduce you to a selection of FDs that can help.

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