Preparation for Exit

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If you are considering an exit, it’s important to start preparations early.  IFDs have supported many founders and entrepreneurs to get their business into the best possible shape; making the companies more appealing to buyers and significantly improving their valuation.  Here are a couple of our recent roles:


Industry: Computer software

Appointed by a computer software company with customers worldwide to support growth from infancy to a strong valuation and successful exit. Over two decades, we have been engaged to develop international, reporting and transfer pricing structures, protect the group’s IPs and trademarks, handle acquisitions and develop and implement a share option scheme.


Industry: Cybersecurity

Appointed by an industry-leading cybersecurity firm to fix legacy accounting issues, apply rigour to reporting procedures and processes, deliver information which underpinned the dataroom and prepare the company for an exit.
Implemented working capital and cash flow management strategies to generate cash; from an initial £400,000 of cash, we successfully generated £2.9 million, an increase of 525%.
Following the due diligence process conducted by the vendor and buyer, the valuation of the company did not change.

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